Custom Furniture

The majority of Original Timber furniture is built to order. We work closely with all of our customers to create designs that are true to their vision, and to the specific requirements of each project. We are committed to quality control and precision of fabrication, and are certain you will be satisfied with the result.



We have the machinery to custom mill nearly any unique piece you require for your projects. We are one of the few mills in California that has a planer that can dress and sand a slab, glue up, table top, or counter that is up to fifty-two inches wide and four inches thick. We have CNC shapers and moulders that can create nearly any profile. We are proud to be a lumber resource for green building projects, sourcing our materials within 100 miles of our shop.


Custom Metal Work

OTCO works with cold rolled steel, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and bronze. We provide access to a full range of industrial metalworking processes for designers, architects, builders, and artists. From concept to production, on both large and small-scale projects, we have the expertise to fabricate complex metal projects.


Interiors + More

OTCO is a full-service design studio and we can help you complete a unique environment from start to finish. The core design concept is expressed in every element of a project. We offer turnkey services from brand identity and product design to architectural steel and works of Art. Contact OTCO for your next home or hospitality project.



Original Timber Company mills and sells reclaimed lumber from trees cut by local municipalities or tree service companies in Northern California, as well salvaged architectural materials. All trees were removed when necessitated by natural mortality, disease or insect damage, new construction, root damage to sidewalks or foundations, wild fire control and storm damage. Currently there is a strong movement throughout the United States to better utilize urban lumber. Original Timber Company is proud to mill local, urban timber into high quality lumber, from over 25 different species.



California Sycamore

California Red Wood

Red Ironbark Eucalyptus


Douglas Fir

Bay Laurel

Claro Walnut

Black Acacia